45 Articles on the Benefits of In-Home Care for Seniors

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by Senior Care Staff on August 2, 2010

Deciding what to do with the future of family, who dedicated their lives to molding your future, can be a daunting task. There are several options out there, each one catering to different requirements, depending on individual needs.  One of these options is in home care. Consider the following list as a compilation of 50 sites dedicated to in home care, voicing their own views on its benefits.

  1. Eldercare ABC Blog: This informative website and blog was created by a married couple who took care of both of their parents and wished that they had known of a place to turn for answers.  The “ABC” stands for About Being Connected, it’s a great place to find informative articles along with personal opinions on the topic of elder care, including the benefits of in home care.
  2. Aging Home Healthcare: “Maintaining independence and dignity aging in familiar surroundings” is the motto of this site.  Containing a vast array of helpful resources, articles, and blogs on the topic of in home healthcare.
  3. Caring for Aging Parents: Listing the types of services, processes, costs, benefits, and products available; this site is very informative for anyone with questions on caring for elderly in their home.
  4. Livestrong: This article lists 5 specific benefits to home care for the elderly.
  5. My Elder Advocate: This site titles itself “The meeting place for elder care concerns”.  It contains many articles on various topics pertaining to seniors.
  6. Interim Healthcare: The website for this franchise, who specializes in home care and health care staffing services, includes a learning center and a blog.
  7. Me and My Caregivers: Short article containing 5 benefits of elderly home care.
  8. Home Care Options: Good size article titled “Why Home Healthcare.”
  9. NHVTRC: Dedicated to healthy living tips, this site includes a few informative articles on why they believe in home care is the best choice for elderly care.
  10. Gordon’s Estate Services: Interesting article focusing on the options for those facing a decision about care for elderly parents who may not be in good health.
  11. Blog Long Term Care: A blog site for a book based on the choices that arise when deciding on the care of your elderly family.
  12. My Health Bridge: Senior care blog for this Texas based in home care company.
  13. Andel Care: Explore this site to discover why they believe that life is sweet at home.
  14. Care At Home: This 1990 founded company based their company on the desire to assist older people who wished to remain in their homes during their later years.
  15. Home Care 4 Seniors: See why this company believes that it is best for the mental and physical well being of seniors that they remain in their home.
  16. The Senior’s Choice: A large list of the benefits of in home care for the elderly.
  17. Home Care Assistance: Check out this company’s blog, which is open to anyone interested in senior home care.
  18. Aspen Senior Care: Utah Valley based company dedicated to providing superior in home care.
  19. Tender Hearts At Home Care: This company blog features a video titled “Why Home Care”.
  20. Vida Senior Resource: Senior care question and answer forum for in home care and assisted living.
  21. Care Giver List: Ask an expert, caregiver checklists, senior care options, and caregiver blog are all features on this site.
  22. Ladolce Living: “Senior care made simple and sweet” is the motto of this site dedicated to homecare services.
  23. Home Care Phoenix: Aging care industry experts with a blog like site.
  24. Aging Parents and Elder Care: A collection of articles and support groups for caregivers of seniors.
  25. Work on Internet: This article puts home care into perspective.
  26. Center for a Just Society: An article featured on this site explains why caring for your loved ones at home is less expensive than alternative options.
  27. Right At Home: Blog for company who specializes in in-home care and assistance.
  28. Home Care: This site defines what they think home care is.
  29. Care Givers Home: Large resource directory and online archive for elderly and their caregivers.
  30. Age UK: Advice guides and fact sheets for the aging community.
  31. Home Care Profile: A non-medical in home care site featuring a state look up for finding in home care along with a description of what in home care entails.
  32. Home Instead: Helping you care for the senior in your life is this sites purpose.
  33. Medic 8: A guide to elderly care which claims to be complete and easy to understand.
  34. Gilbert Guide: A part of Caring.com, offering information on health care options for seniors.
  35. Later Life: Later life guide to caring for elderly parents.
  36. Aging Care: A community for caregivers with expansive content.
  37. With a Little Help: Washington state company listing 5 goals or benefits of the in home care business.
  38. First Stop Care Advice: Advice for older people including a little bit of help at home.
  39. Boca Home Care Service: A Florida company featuring an article on the benefits of using a professional care manager.
  40. Elder Care at Home: Helping elders in remaining active and healthy while living out their senior years, is this sites theme.
  41. Housing Care: Guides to growing older, including staying put and staying home.
  42. Crystal Links: Interesting perspective on caring for the elderly.
  43. BMJ: A study comparing the quality of life of elderly living at home versus elderly living in nursing homes.
  44. Love to Know Seniors: Definitions of the different types of in home care.
  45. Care Crunch: Blog including topics on in home care for the elderly.

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