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by Senior Care Staff on September 1, 2010

Owning a pet is a great choice for older people; offering a range of benefits from companionship and protection, to physical and mental health improvements. But before deciding to purchase a pet, senior citizens and their families should look at the practical implications – thinking carefully about who will feed, exercise and care for the pet, how pet related bills will be paid and what will happen if the owner needs to travel or even move?

Once these questions are answered there are a range of pets available with something to suit the needs of every senior.

  1. Bringing Pets in Need of a Home and Seniors in Need of a Friend Together Article looking at one program connecting older people and pets.
  2. Help for Seniors with Pet Care One program helping older pet owners ensure their pets are happy and healthy. Includes great example of some of the services on offer.
  3. Some Facts About Senior Pet Ownership A look at the facts and figures behind the senior pet ownership trends. Explores the benefits for both owners and animals.
  4. Pet Adoption for Seniors The advantages and disadvantages of taking on a pet in old age. A realistic look at the interesting issues affecting mature animal-lovers.
  5. Pet Therapy Can Help Seniors Article examining the benefits of animal contact for senior citizens. Highlighting some of the positive emotional and mental effects of pet ownership.
  6. Adopting a Pet with the Purina Program Advice for seniors on an exciting pet adoption program perfect for mature animal lovers. Details and advice included.
  7. Seniors’ Pets Get Meals on Wheels A look at an initiative to help older animal owners keep themselves sand their pets well nourished. Includes information on the benefits of pet ownership for seniors.
  8. Helping Seniors Afford Pets A case study of one program helping seniors to enjoy animals without the additional expense.
  9. Seniors with Pets are Fitter A look the health benefits of pet ownership for seniors. Explanation of why pet owning elders fare better physically that their pet-free peers.
  10. Senior Pet Benefits Explained A look at the many positive effects of pet ownership on senior citizens. With links to pet care advice for older owners.
  11. Best Dog Breeds for Older Owners A look at some popular breeds and how they will fit with the senior lifestyle. Explains temperaments and exercise needs.
  12. Helping Seniors Choose a Dog A guide to good choices of dog breed for the older owner. Looking at the specific needs of a pension age pet owner.
  13. Choosing a Dog for an Elderly Owner Things to consider when seeking a companion for a senior citizen. Helping match older owners with their perfect pets.
  14. Good Companion Dogs A look at the best breeds of dog to keep older owners company. Insight into breed personality traits and care needs.
  15. Pets and Nursing Homes Advice for pet owning seniors and their families considering a move to assisted living. With links to additional resources.
  16. The Benefit of Pets to Retirement Home Residents Article examining the pros of nursing home pet ownership. A balanced look at the issue of pets in residential care environments.
  17. Advice on Elderly Pet Ownership An interesting examination of the issue of pets for senior citizens. Includes list of things to consider before going ahead with a pet purchase.
  18. Travelling With Pets A guide for seniors wishing to take their animals away with them. Covers air travel, car travels and the importance of checking entry requirements.
  19. Why Senior Citizens Need Pets Explains what older owner can gain from pet ownership. A look at the physical and mental benefits of animal ownership for older people.
  20. Safe Dog Breeds for Seniors A look at the safest breeds of dog to choose as pets for older owners. Helping senior citizens choose the safest pets.
  21. The Importance of Allowing Elders Their Pets Looking at the importance of not separating owners and pets in later life. Looking at the options of keeping elders and companions together
  22. Separating Seniors and Pets Causes Trauma Argument for keeping pets and elderly owners together.
  23. Pets For All the Family Advice on pets for multi generational homes. With recommended breeds for pensioners and children.
  24. Helping Seniors Keep Their Pets Practical steps to help older pet owners hold on to their animals. Tips and suggestions of how to help.
  25. Older People’s Pet Ownership Rights Article about the legal right to retain pets in old age. Looking at legislation for older pet owners and their rights to keep their animals in assisted accommodation.
  26. Being Parted from Pets Causes Distress What families should think about when considering residential care for elderly pet owners. How to avoid unnecessary upset.
  27. What to do With Pets When Senior Citizens Need Care? A look at the issue of pets and residential care and what should be done when living situations change.
  28. Are Plants or Pets Better for Senior Citizens? A study of which hobby will best benefit older people. Looking at the pros and cons of each option.
  29. How Can Pets Help Elders? A look at the positive effects of pet ownership on senior citizens. Explains how to maximize benefits of pet owning.
  30. Help With Vets Bills Advice for seniors needing financial aid to care for their ailing animals. Includes list of organizations to contact.
  31. Retiring With Pets A guide for older owners seeking a lifestyle change in later years. Examines to option available to elderly animal owners.
  32. Helping Older Owners Care For Their Pets Advice on how to support pensioners with pets to ensure the best animal care as well as a positive pet owning experience. With links to additional resources.
  33. How to Prepare for a Pet Sitter Advice for older owners needing a little help with pet care while out or away. Great examples of how to make the transition easy for everyone.
  34. Choosing a Dog Walker Advice for older owners who may need a little help exercising their animals. Help matching dogs and dog walkers for a healthy and happy pet care partnership.
  35. Who Can Help Seniors Care for Their Pets? Some profiles of pet care professionals offering seniors services to ease the burden of animal care.
  36. Poop Scoop Service Perfect for Pet Owners With Mobility Problems An overview of innovative service for pet waste removal. Includes details of rates and services
  37. Hearing Dogs For Deaf Seniors How pets can help older people who are hard of hearing to enjoy a full and active life. Article about the hearing dog movement and those who it benefits.
  38. Service Dogs Improve Quality of Life for Elderly Owners Many dogs perform amazing services for their older owners. A look at some of these amazing animals and what they do for their owners.
  39. All About Assistance Dogs When seniors animals are more than just pets. Interesting insight into dogs that provide a lifeline to older or infirm owners.
  40. The Role of Service Dogs in the Lives of Senior Citizens Some of the amazing thing animals do for their older owners explained.
  41. Stroking Cats Reduces Stress Older people enjoy stroking their cats on their laps – this article explains how this simple habit offer amazing health benefits for older pet owners.
  42. Alternative Pets For Older People – Rats A look at rats and how well sited they are to the needs of the older pet owner. With information on necessary equipment and what commitment is needed from older owners.
  43. Birds are Great Pets for Older People Budgies are a popular choice of senior citizen pet. A guide to owning and caring for a budgie.
  44. Pet Therapy for Older People All about the positive effects of pet ownership on older people. A heartwarming story of the positive power of pets.
  45. Zen Seniors Choose Pets How animal ownership can increase the peace in older owners’ lives. A discussion of how pets bring peace.
  46. Training a Guard Dog Advice for isolated seniors looking for a pet to protect them at home. Important information for responsible guard dog ownership.

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