Assisted Living Facilities

5 Worst Assisted Living Facilities In The U.S.

The five worst assisted living facilities in the U.S. have three important traits in common. According to the Federal Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, the centers have multiple inspections on record revealing substandard practices that can harm residents. Complaints filed by family members uncovered unsupportive and overwhelmed staff.

Many are not familiar with the difference between nursing homes and assisted living. Assisted living is the perfect choice for mobile individuals who require minimal assistance with daily chores. Rooms resemble small apartments, allowing residents to personalize their spaces for a more intimate feel.

  1. Corinth Road Assisted Living: Facilities at Corinth Road Assisted Living in Newnan, Georgia accommodate up to 15 residents. After failing an annual inspection in 2008, the center was under investigation in 2009. Ex-employees have described the building as a prison, complete with roaches and food that is not fit for human consumption. Current reports state that staff is improperly trained and grossly underpaid. Residents do not participate in any type of recreational programs.
  2. Kipling Manor Retirement Center: An investigation by the Miami Herald revealed startling facts about Kipling Manor Retirement Center in Pensacola, Florida. Between 2002 and 2011, the center received approximately 20 complaints. During the same period, 210 citations addressed problems dealing with substandard living spaces and patient neglect. Numerous fines levied against the facility by the American Health Care Association (AHCA) range from $500 to $12,000 United States dollars (USD).
  3. GlenCare – Wilmington, North Carolina: GlenCare runs a series of assisted living facilities throughout the country. The center in Wilmington, North Carolina came under fire for a series of violations. The center received 23 complaints over the course of one year. Medications were improperly monitored and reports surfaced of alleged client abuse. One individual went to the hospital after receiving the wrong medication. Staff reportedly stood by while one resident sexually assaulted other residents. State officials decided against shutting the place down permanently. Administrative staff diligently continues to work on necessary improvements.
  4. Pueblo Care and Rehabilitation Center: As of December 2011, Pueblo Care and Rehabilitation Center has remained on Colorado’s special focus facility (SFF) list for approximately 32 months. Multiple investigations dealt with complaints ranging from infectious disease control to proper food storage. Quality of life has constantly remained in the forefront, with allegations of residents receiving unnecessary catheterization and not being groomed on a daily basis. There have also been reports of staff over-medicating residents and not listening to patient medical requests.
  5. Arbor Glen Care Center: The December 2011 SFF list indicates that conditions at Arbor Glen Care Center in California have not improved in the past 14 months. According to California state statistics, the center received 25 violations during its last two state inspections. This is significantly higher than the state average of 18. Guests state the staff is unhelpful and client surroundings are dirty. Some residents and their guests find it unpleasant that the building is located next to an opiate treatment facility also owned by Arbor Glen.