Senior Care Centers

10 Top-Rated Senior Care Centers

Taking care of the elderly at home involves a lot of responsibilities. To properly meet the needs and demands of a senior, a senior care center is often the best option. Senior care centers can provide superior personalized care and companionship for your loved ones. Though it may be a difficult decision, there many great senior care centers located all around the country.

  1. Senior Care Center of San Mateo Medical Center: This senior care center focuses on the health and wellbeing of people 65 years old and older. It specializes in taking care of residents by supporting physical, mental, social, and lifestyle health. It also has a team of expert doctors and state-of-the-art facilities to cater to the needs of your loved ones. In addition, San Mateo Medical Center also provides primary care in their clinic or at your home, depending on what you prefer.
  2. Senior Care Center of America: Senior Care Center of America is one of the leading providers of adult care services nationwide. With more than 27 centers scattered throughout the country, it is able to provide care to elderly and disabled adults in many locations. Senior Care’s advanced centers and facilities offer a daytime program of recreational activities, meals, and nursing care in a friendly environment.
  3. Adult Day Care Center: Adult day care provides special activities that promote the wellbeing of every patient. It operates during daytime hours, from Monday through Friday, in a very supportive and encouraging environment. The center also provides special diets to maintain the wellness of patients. One of the main goals of this center is to provide adults with an opportunity to get out and receive stimulation mentally and socially.
  4. Mercy Retirement and Care Center: Compassion for elderly individuals is the primary goal of Mercy Retirement. It has an excellent program for patients who have memory loss and cognitive impairment. It also has the finest equipment that can help patients interact with nurses and relatives. Mercy Retirement also features skilled nurses with years of experience in handling patients. The center is housed in a six-floor complex that overlooks the panoramic views of the Oakland Hills, San Francisco, and the Bay.
  5. Homer Senior Care Center: Homer Senior Care Center is located in Hynesville, LA. It was established in 2000. The center provides excellent medical assistance for elderly care patients. With dedicated physicians and expert administrators, it has continually sought to provide advanced medical skills and technology second to none. It also has the best facilities and equipment that increases the level of care given to every patient.
  6. Providence Senior Care Center: This senior care center emphasizes patient-centered care with quality companionship and fitness programs. It also provides transportation for patients to attend church, dine out, and shop for clothes. The programs offered by Providence Senior Care Center are tailored to the wellness and wellbeing of every patient. Offering the best level of care is the highest priority at this senior center.
  7. Utah Senior Care Center: Utah Senior Care Center features 14 great facilities that specialize in elderly care. It has a skilled nursing staff that gives patients the finest care and attention in a very friendly manner. Some of the programs it provides include assisted living, memory care, and behavioral health. Utah Senior Care Center also recognizes each person’s worth by creating and maintaining an excellent environment that promotes individuality and camaraderie.
  8. Senior Care of Trenton: This health care center provides adult day health care to elderly, frail, and disabled adults. It has state-of-the-art facilities and programs that focus on recreational activities, social services, nursing care, and meals in a very caring environment. This center also provides all-in-one care to patients to cater to their medical, social, and emotional needs.
  9. Cerenity Senior Care: Cerenity Senior Care offers memory care, assisted living, and skilled nursing for every patient. With its expertise and experience in providing excellent senior care, it has received awards from renowned institutions, such as the American Health Care Association and the National Center for Assisted Living. Some of the programs it provides include rehabilitation therapy, independent living, memory care, and skilled nursing.
  10. Broadwater Senior Care Center: With its professional and caring staff, Broadwater is here to assist and encourage elderly people every step of the way. Its nursing home is fully licensed and certified by the Department of Public Health and Human Services in Montana. The center provides an exceptional dining room, entertainment facilities, and clinics to cater to the needs of patients.