Senior Care Options

An important need for every senior citizen is housing and this must be eventually addressed by caregivers and family members. As a large part of America’s population advances into their senior years, the need for proper housing increases. With decreased mobility and the needed medical requirements, housing options need to be flexible in providing a safe living environment. Housing must meet all the needs of a senior citizen, including physical, financial and accessibility needs. There may be seniors who are no longer able to take care of themselves or a spouse by themselves, so other options need to be available to explore. There are some seniors who are able to take care of themselves but need little bit of assistance. Seniors as well as the team that takes care of them need to work together to find the most beneficial solution. There are many senior care housing/facility options available today.

Assisted Living

This is a type of apartment or home where the senior receives assistance with daily needs but remains independent. Help is given with meals, visiting nursing care, shopping, bathing, beauty and errands. Most of these homes have private baths, rooms and kitchenettes. Most of these facilities try to stay at a reasonable price and some are able to bill insurance providers for part of the costs and care of the senior.

Senior Living

A living community especially for seniors provides an independent option for them. Most are duplexes, condominiums, apartments, trailers or single family homes that are all located in the same neighborhood. Residents typically have to be 55 years old or older to purchase or lease this type of property. Amenities are usually geared toward seniors, including games, sports, golf, shuttle, mini-trips and recreation. Lawn and trash care is usually provided.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes provide care for seniors but have to follow guidelines and meet patients’ needs to give proper care. Most seniors who live in nursing homes have complex medical needs and the best option is this type of facility. Medical assistance and care is given to those who qualify for this by nursing home directors and physicians. Nursing homes are many times thought of as end-of-life care, but are also needed for rehabilitation and recovery from an illness or surgery.

Adult Family Care

This housing is usually found in group homes with many seniors living under one roof with different physical and medical needs. Often times, it is a larger home that has been converted into a handicap-accessible environment for seniors. Aides, nurses and other medical assistants or staff stays with the seniors around the clock to ensure proper care is provided.

Home Care

One last option for seniors is living at home. This is the most sought after option a senior prefers if services from a home health care agency can be used. Not all seniors are totally independent as they get older; this is when home care assistance helps. Some services offered include bathing, housekeeping, errand running, or respite care. This care can be provided monthly, weekly or daily, all depending on the need and financial ability of the senior.