Senior Living Facilities

3 Nicest Senior Living Facilities in the World

For many seniors, there comes a time when they need to have a secure support system in the event that there is a medical emergency. For many, that support isn’t available on a permanent basis in their home or community. In addition, seniors can benefit greatly from regular interaction and stimulation, but isolated living might prevent that from being a frequent occurrence. To allow seniors to have both medical support and emergency care available around the clock, as well as help for meal preparation and a varied social calendar, senior assisted living facilities are often the answer. While there are thousands of options around the world, here are the three top choices:

  1. Our Family Assisted Living Facility: This family-owned assisted living facility is located in Miami, Florida. Just a short walk from nearby parks, Our Family is ideal for those seniors who want to retain some independence for daily activities. They pride themselves on the small touches that make daily living better for their residents, like heated bathrooms, a well-manicured outdoor garden and courtyard, and comfortable seating within the living area. The home is designed to house 14 residents, each provided with 24-hour care, security, dietician-created meals, and snacks, with a huge staff on hand to care for each resident. Services vary depending on the needs of each individual.
  2. Cherry’s Assisted Living Home: This is a friendly and modern living facility located in Tucson, Arizona. There are several helpful staff members, and the manager has a nursing degree to ensure high quality medical care. Each room is tastefully furnished and private for the individual resident. Rates are negotiable depending on the amount of care required, which is a bonus for those who appreciate the emergency support but are generally fine on their own. It is highly recommended for seniors, especially those who are single and crave interaction with others during the day.
  3. A Golden Haven ALF: This assisted living facility for seniors is located in Kissimmee, Florida. While the location is quite small, there is an extensive waiting list for new residents. The cheerfully decorated home offers some private and some shared rooms and is even within walking distance of some shops and parks. Within 30 minutes of driving, there are hospitals, theme parks, and attractions perfect for visiting family members. The care is 24 hours, and staff is attentive to each resident.